10 Car Insurance Tips

Car insurance is a difficult thing to choose! CARInsurance.co.za can help you by providing you with some tips on choosing the right car insurance. We know that choosing car insurance can be a daunting task but read this article and you will know what to look for.

1. Taking ownership of a new car

There are some steps that you can take before you take out motor cover that could help you save on your premium.

Budget Car Insurance

Tips For Using Roadside Assistance Cover

Road assistance cover is an added benefit that some insurance companies offer you as part of your car insurance policy. This can help you when you least expect it. We have compiled some tips for you to take full advantage of your road assistance cover benefit of your car insurance policy if you need it.

Car Accident Tips

At some point in your life you might be involved in a car accident. It might not be your fault, but to be involved in a car accident can be a scary affair. These tips will help you get through a car accident.

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