4x4 Insurance

Off-road 4x4 Insurance you can trust

4x4 Insurance

Off-road 4x4 Insurance you can trust

What does a 4x4 insurance policy cover?

We provide 4x4 insurance for when you cross over South African borders, unforeseen events and bringing your car back into South Africa.

Buying 4x4s and SUVs in South Africa has always been a major trend, especially because South Africans love to adventure across our beautiful country as well as surrounding, often rough, roads. Even though bigger, more capable vehicles cost a lot of money, insuring them does not have to cost too much. 4×4 Insurance or SUV insurance is usually more comprehensive than insurance for smaller cars. This is because offroad vehicles often take us on adventurous journeys and are therefore exposed to more risk than ordinary cars. However, you can get cheap 4×4 insurance that still provides comprehensive cover.

If you are a trailblazer with the need to travel off the beaten path, you need offroad 4×4 Insurance designed especially for you. You can get comprehensive cover for bakkies, which is suitable for 4x4s that will be taking you on wild outdoor adventure trips that are associated with more risk. You need to make sure that you have comprehensive cover for uneven, off-road terrain damage and theft or attempted theft of your 4×4 or 4×4 accessories.

You must just ensure that, when they travel offroad, your vehicle is fully capable of driving and you are fully equipped to drive safely on the chosen terrain. You should also double-check your tyre pressure to ensure it is suitable for the surface it is driving on.

Why do you need 4x4 insurance?

If you travel outside of South Africa, you may be exposed to unrest in a country, political instability, theft, animal attacks and rough - even non-existent - roads. Therefore, having comprehensive cover for your 4x4 is a non-negotiable.

We provide the cheapest 4×4 offroad insurance

Contact us today and we will make sure you get connected to an offroad insurance provider in South Africa that can provide comprehensive cover for your vehicle with low premiums. We want to give you the freedom to explore with absolute peace of mind.

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