So, you are ready to buy a new car.  You start by looking around at what is available and what is possible within your budget. You read all the various reviews, investigate your long-term costs and participate in a few test drives.

Once you’ve decided on the car that suits your needs and your budget, follow these easy five steps to get the best deal for your new car:

  1. Be an informed buyer
    Know the recommended selling price and shop around for the best price.  Know what is included in the car’s sale price and what features are listed as optional extras and at what cost.  Don’t be afraid to haggle and ask for a discount, but treat the salesperson with respect.Check with your insurance company on expected insurance fees.  Specific models are classified as high-risk, and a higher insurance fee is charged monthly.

  2. Shop at the right time
    Certain times of the year are better suited to buying a new car. For example; certain dealerships might offer good discounts mid to late December to reach their annual sales targets.  Also, when new models are expected, dealerships often offer the old models at a discounted price to clear their stock.

  3. Get the most cash for your old car
    Do the necessary research on what your old car is worth. Is the trade-in offered good or can you sell your car privately for more cash?  Remember to include any costs you might have to cover for a private sale and the trade-in option.

  4. Financing your car
    Be aware of all the pitfalls of financing. Read and make sure you understand all the fine print.  Shop around for the best possible interest rate. Check that the numbers and math are correct on your signed document as per the agreement made with the salesperson. Be sure that you understand the implications of residual vs. straight financing.If possible try to pay cash for any extras as they become far more expensive once they are included in the sale price and financed over the contract period.

  5. Get the right insurance
    Ensure that you have the correct insurance for your new car before you leave the showroom. Be aware of the replacement and market values of the car and don’t be under-insured.Four insurance options to think about include comprehensive cover, limited cover, 3rd party cover and shortfall cover.

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