Budget Car Insurance

Life’s monthly expenses can place a lot of strain on a person’s cash flow, but luckily by budgeting on car insurance, you can curb some of the blow. Irrespective of your income and current budget, you can get affordable Budget Car Insurance that takes your risk as a driver as well as your car’s value into account.

Budget Car Insurance

Save on your monthly vehicle insurance premiums

There is no way to escape paying vehicle insurance premiums every month, but it need not place such a heavy burden on you and your family’s expenses. Instead, look to the car insurance company in South Africa that can offer you a budget solution.

At the end of the day your car’s value depreciates monthly, and so should your monthly insurance premiums. In other words from the moment you drive off with your brand new vehicle it is worth less every day, month, year. It isn’t fair to pay the same amount on your vehicle’s insurance every month if this is the case, is it?

So don’t.

Choosing your own excess makes insurance on a budget possible

Your day-to-day excursions may differ drastically from the next person, so why should you pay the same excess? Choose the insurance company that puts you in charge of your own vehicle excess. Your budget is directly affected when you are able to pick your car’s insurance amount, leaving you with more flexibility.

In addition to this you can also pick your own excess, which means you can save even more on your monthly premiums.

You are a good candidate for a lower monthly excess payment if you:

  • Work from home regularly or all the time.
  • Have secure, covered parking at home and at the office.
  • Rarely drive far distances.
  • Look after your vehicle.
  • Are the only person driving your car.
  • Avoid driving in peak traffic when possible.
  • Only use your car for errands in a radius of 15km from your home.
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