Business insurance

Building insurance and office content insurance

Business insurance

Building insurance and office content insurance

Do I really need business insurance? How do you keep your business afloat when your building or office contents have been damaged or stolen? Remove any risk of losing money with comprehensive building insurance and office contents insurance, tailored to your specific needs.

With comprehensive building insurance, you’re covered against perils to the physical structures on your property as well as any loss or damage to anything building-related, including geysers, gate motors, garages, gate motors, garages, fencing, pipes, fixed glasses, phone connections and so much more.

Insure your building for what it’s worth

Make sure you get replacement value cover. This means you’re covered for what it’ll cost to repair or rebuild your property from the foundations up, including solar panels, boundary walls and swimming pools.

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Selecting the perfect business insurance for you does not have to be difficult. Every business is different and therefore requires unique insurance packages. To make choosing the right office insurance easy, we help you find the best insurance in South Africa, tailored to your business. There are many risks your business can face. When looking for cover, you need to make sure that you get the best cover that includes:

  • Business car insurance in the case any of your business vehicles get lost, damaged or stolen
  • Public liability for any loss caused to a third party or their property
  • Cover for any loss or damage of the structure of your office building
  • Office contents insurance for loss, damage or theft of office furniture and other items
  • Fire damage cover for any items that get damaged in a fire
  • Cover on all your expensive electronic equipment and software used for your business
  • Cover on any money in the case that your cheques, cash or safe gets damaged
  • Cover on goods in transit for when contents are being transported
  • Cover on any fraudulent acts committed by any of your employees

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