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King Price Car Insurance

Our preferred vehicle insurance partner

King Price Car Insurance

Our preferred vehicle insurance partner

king price insurance

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After 12 years in the industry, we have partnered up with the best and most affordable car insurance company in South Africa – King Price. King Price’s vehicle insurance model is unique and unlike any other insurance company in the country. You’ve probably heard all about the king’s amazing vehicle insurance? Not only do your premiums decrease monthly but you also benefit from choosing your own excess. But this is just the start. King Price has multiple unique discounts and advantages in store for you.

Save on car insurance on two or more cars with King Price

King Price’s pricing model translates into the most affordable and budget car insurance in South Africa. But did you know that if you insured more than one car you save even more? Own two cars? Save 10% on all cars. Own three cars? Save 15% on all cars. Own four or more cars? Save 20% on all cars. This fantastic offer makes King Price the obvious choice for companies and the public alike.

Comprehensive car insurance cover = R1 insurance

Should you choose King Price’s comprehensive car insurance package you can benefit from insuring a beloved item of yours for just R1. Madness, as they refer to it, indeed. If you have two cars insured you can insure another item for R1, and so on and so forth.

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