Pay Lower Car Insurance for Women

Some insurance companies in South Africa offer unique car insurance for women that cater to things that are important to them. Apart from vehicle accident cover, this type of insurance could also cover things like handbags, home contents etc.

Ultimately, the reason why vehicle insurance for women works so well and why it is worth singling out the prettier sex is because most women are naturally more cautious drivers than men. Sure there are always exceptions to the rule but normally women drive slower, less recklessly and they aren’t too fussed by reaching their destination a little late. Or as they call it, fashionably late.

At the end of the day cautious drivers are lower insurance risks for companies, which means lower monthly premiums could apply.

Insurance for Women | Car Insurance

Super cheap car insurance for women and men is within everyone’s reach

Pay Lower Vehicle Insurance Premiums Just Because You Are A Woman

If low vehicle insurance premiums for women only are making you feel unloved and excluded, why not get car accident cover from the company in South Africa that puts everyone first?

You deserve affordable car insurance that decreases monthly. You also deserve to choose your own vehicle excess and pay insurance premiums you can afford. And lastly you too deserve vehicle cover that can extend to other things that are important to you like your bike, watch, jewellery, camera etc. with R1 insurance.

How Is Decreasing Vehicle Insurance Premiums Possible?

Glad you asked. Car insurance companies in SA normally work out premiums based on two factors, your risk and the value of your car. But because the value of your vehicle depreciates monthly your insurance should decrease too. Based on this your premiums will automatically decrease each month, allowing you to pay 20% less over 36 months compared to the traditional insurance model.

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