Car Insurance-is your car ready for winter

Winter is on our doorstep and with it comes the preparation of unpacking all your winter clothes. While you prepare your wardrobe, don’t forget to prepare your car for the chilly temperatures heading our way soon.

Here’s a checklist to help you prepare your car for the winter:

Check your battery

As the temperature lowers, so does your car battery’s capacity. Check your battery to make sure it will withstand the cold and always have jumper cables handy just in case.

Check your headlights and brake lights

The sun is rising much later than in the summer and also sets much earlier so your chance of driving in the dark increases during winter. Check that your headlights and brake lights are in working condition. Not only is it a prerequisite for roadworthiness, but also for your car insurance company to cover you in the case of an accident.

Check your tyres

Tyre tread is of the utmost importance for your car to maintain road grip – especially in rainy, icy or wet conditions often associated with winter. Your car insurance policy should state that your tyres should always be in good condition. This includes the tread and the sidewalls.

Check your antifreeze

While it’s never needed in the warm summer months, antifreeze is often needed in the cold winter months. The water in your engine’s cooling system could reach freezing temperatures and won’t be able to cool your engine down when you’re driving. Adding antifreeze to the water will help to stop the water from freezing and therefore keep your car from overheating.

Check your windscreen for cracks

No matter how tiny the crack, ensure your windscreen is checked for cracks before the winter arrives and those cracks you thought were insignificant turn into major cracks. Cold temperatures are likely to worsen even the smallest crack. Small cracks can often be repaired by your insurance company and save you from having to replace the entire windscreen.

Making sure your car is ready to work at its optimum during the winter months is not only in line with your car insurance policy, but also important for your safety. Prepare your car for winter and enjoy driving in the cooler temperatures.