Caravan Insurance

Insure your leisure vehicle with the best insurance company

Caravan Insurance

Insure your leisure vehicle with the best insurance company

Get Insurance For Your Caravan

caravan insurance
If you don’t want an accident or theft to ruin your holiday plans, make sure you have comprehensive caravan cover.

By insuring your caravan with a great insurance company in South Africa, you can rest assured knowing that your caravan will be your caravan will be covered while at your holiday destination, on the open road, and at home.

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Contact us for leisure vehicle insurance - this includes any large covered vehicle or 'house-on-wheels' that can be towed behind your car - for accidental damage or theft.

For adventure lovers, there’s nothing better than going on an exciting holiday to your favourite destinations with your own caravan! Caravans give us a mobile home away from home when we go on holiday. These portable homes are often pretty expensive. Therefore, insuring them is important.

Once you insure your caravan, if it’s stolen or written-off, the insurance company will pay out the reasonable market value or the stated value on the policy – whichever is cheaper – and you will only be liable for the excess stated on the policy in the event of a claim.

You can also insure your caravan contents

We want to make sure you have complete peace-of-mind while you’re on holiday. Our holiday cover also offers additional caravan contents insurance. Having caravan cover does not necessarily mean that the loose contents in your caravan are also insured. With additional contents cover, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Just remember, your caravan is not as secure as a house or a building, so you may be at risk of a break-in. This is where contents insurance comes in. All the family’s personal belongings that are stored in the caravan will be covered, including sunglasses, cameras, laptops, binoculars or any other expensive loose items that can fall and break which are kept in your caravan. Having cover on your caravan contents is a great additional cover to have on your caravan if you are travelling away from home.


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