Company car insurance

You need reliable business insurance for your fleet

Company car insurance

You need reliable business insurance for your fleet

Cover your business vehicles with affordable cover

Business fleet insurance differs from standard car insurance for social use or commuting. It covers multiple drivers travelling to customers, between different work locations, driving around employees or any other travelling to do with work.

We’ll make sure you get cover for the loss of or damage to any of your company vehicles as a result of accidents, fire and weather. You can choose to insure specific vehicles or your entire fleet - we’ll make sure you get the best deal for you.

Please note that the vehicles referred to under company car insurance are South African registered private-type motors (seating 9 people or less).

Don’t let unfortunate events leave your business in financial trouble. Vehicles are expensive business assets, which is why it’s crucial to make sure you have comprehensive business vehicle insurance for all of your company vehicles.

Whether your company’s cars are driven by multiple employees or just one, used for short distances or long trips, you need to insure your company vehicles with comprehensive business insurance.

What cover do you need for your business vehicles?

Make sure you get an insurance provider that provides cover for accidents, fire extinguishing charges, cross liabilities and tyre damage. You also have the choice of paying a little more and getting additional cover for contingent liability, loss of keys, movement of third party vehicles in parking facilities, passenger liability, wreckage removal, riots and credit shortfall.

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You deserve the best business insurance company that provides:

  • An open and honest business relationship with you
  • Proactive claims service that guides you through and keeps you up to date with the entire claims process
  • The lowest premiums without compromising on the cover you receive
  • Quick response times for any services you may need

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