Comprehensive car insurance

Get comprehensive car insurance on a budget

Comprehensive car insurance

Get comprehensive car insurance on a budget

No matter how well you drive, your car can get damaged on the road. Whether another driver reverses into your car at a parking lot, you hit a pothole or you don’t brake in time and bump into another car’s rear, your vehicle needs cover. But, how can you afford cover in today’s tough economic times?

If you can’t afford expensive car insurance, we can help you

Car Insurance puts you in touch with companies that offer budget car insurance. And, even though it’s cheaper than you’d expect, you still get the comprehensive cover and steller services you deserve.

A few things are taken into account before providing you with a comprehensive car insurance quote to make sure you get the best cover at an affordable rate. Here are a few things we take into account:

Your risk as a driver

The less risk you are for your insurance company, the lower your premiums will be. Here are a few factors that will work in your favour when applying for car insurance:

  • You work from home regularly or all the time
  • You’ve secure, covered parking at home and at the office
  • You rarely drive far distances
  • You look after your car
  • You’re the only one driving your car
  • You avoid peak traffic where possible
Your car’s value

There’s no way to escape paying car insurance premiums every month, but it shouldn’t place such a heavy burden on your salary. At the end of the day, your car’s value depreciates monthly, and so should your monthly insurance premiums. In other words, from the moment you buy your new car, it is worth less every day, month, year. Therefore, paying the same amount on your insurance premiums every month isn’t fair. So don’t.

We put you in touch with comprehensive car insurance that decreases as your car’s value decreases. This means you will pay less and less on car insurance premiums every month.

Your excess

Day-to-day excursions differ drastically from person to person, so why should you pay the same excess as everyone else? A great insurance company can put you in charge of your own vehicle premiums and excess.

How many cars you have insured

With the right car insurance company, if you insure more than 1 car, you will get a discount on your car insurance premiums. Plus, the more cars you insure, the more you can save. What a fantastic way to save!

Get a comprehensive car insurance quote

Let’s show you how much you can save! We’ll provide you with the best comprehensive car insurance quote for you.

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