Home insurance

Get cover for your home and all your home contents

Home insurance

Get cover for your home and all your home contents

We know that your home and possessions are very important to you. Unfortunately, there’re a lot of different factors that can cause loss or damage to your home and personal assets, such as theft, fire, lightning strikes and burst geysers. You cannot predict these types of unfortunate events but you can get home and home contents insurance to ensure that if anything happens to your home or any of your personal belongings, you will have financial cover.

Comprehensive building cover for your home on a budget

Insure geysers, gate motors, garages, boreholes, tennis courts, permanent structures, pools, patios, fencing, pipes and more with our comprehensive building insurance. You can insure all the physical things that may need to be repaired or replaced as a result of damage.

Here’s what you’ll have cover for with a fantastic building insurance policy:

  • Fire and lightning
  • Any type of explosion
  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • Damage caused by weather, such as winds, floods and hail
  • Damage that caused by forced entry related to theft
  • Loss or damage as a result of theft

Add home contents insurance as well

Claim for the things that make your house a home. Home contents insurance - also known as household insurance - is just as important as home insurance. Make sure all your valuables are covered. This includes a host of items, namely: televisions, tablets, antiques, garden furniture, wine glasses, jewellery - basically whatever you want to cover.

Let’s protect your home and household contents

We’ll connect you with the best comprehensive home cover for you. Let’s show you how much you can save on home contents insurance.

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