Motorbike insurance

Insure your motorcycle with the best insurance company

Motorbike insurance

Insure your motorcycle with the best insurance company

Get insurance for your motorbike

motorbike insurance
Whatever motorbike you ride, sports, tourers, nakeds, classics and everything in between. No one gets how much you love your bike like us.

We also know that driving on the South African roads can be extremely risky for motorbike drivers. An accident or theft can happen at any time. For this reason, having comprehensive motorbike insurance you can trust is crucial.

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What does comprehensive motorbike insurance cover?

We know you treasure your motorbike. Get comprehensive cover that will enable you to fix or replace your bike if anything goes wrong. Our comprehensive motorbike insurance covers:

  • Accident damage
  • Theft
  • Hijacking
  • Third-party damages as a result of an accident

It’s important to note that motorbike insurance only covers the person on your policy. This means that if anything happens to your motorbike while in use of someone who is not on your policy, it will not be covered.

motorbike insurance options

Is there a cheaper motorbike insurance option?

Yes. There are cheaper insurance options. But, just remember, comprehensive insurance comes with absolute peace of mind.
Cheaper options come with a little less cover. Bear in mind, any insurance is better than no insurance. Here are 3 alternative options:

  1. Third-party and theft insurance - this covers theft, hi-jacking and third-party damages.
  2. Third-party only insurance - this covers your liability for third-party injuries and damages.
  3. Theft only insurance - this is to make sure that you get something back if your bike is stolen.

Is there a cheaper motorbike insurance option?

If your motorbike isn’t listed below, speak to us and we’ll let you know if we can provide cover for your specific motorbike.

  • Muscle bikes
  • Naked superbikes
  • Touring motorcycles
  • Super touring motorcycles
  • Dual sportbikes
  • Classic bikes
  • Custom bikes
  • 3-wheelers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can, however, it is important that you insure your bike for the correct use. If it is used for something else, your policy might not payout.

Private use covers the named rider for private and social purposes, including riding between home and work (and shopping on the weekend, visiting gran, and even stopping for takeaways).

Business use covers the named rider for private use as well as additional cover for when the motorcycle forms an essential part of your work or function. This however does not include deliveries.

Motorcycles that are used for the following aren't covered:

Emergency services (including traffic control and armed response
Law enforcement
Taxi purposes or transporting of fare-paying passengers

A tracking device may be a requirement for your insurance policy.

Should you be required to have a tracking device as a condition of your cover, you need to inform the relevant tracking company immediately after your motorbike is stolen. Your insurance won’t pay out if the required tracking device isn’t installed.

Any South African NATIS-registered motorcycle that’s classified as a:

Naked superbike
Muscle bike
Touring bike
Super touring bike
Dual sportbike
Custom bike
Classic bike

The following motorcycles aren’t covered by us:

Full off-road bikes
Quad bikes
Trail bikes
Pit bikes
Buggies and side-by-sides
Hyper superbikes

You won’t be covered for riding with an endorsed licence or without a valid motorcycle licence

You’re also not covered for riding with a foreign licence unless you have a valid international driving licence.

Your licence needs to be in English (or be translated into English by the authorities of the issuing country) and must have a photo of you.

Any person that lives in South Africa permanently must get a South African licence within 1 year of becoming a permanent resident. If the foreign licence is a provisional or learner’s licence, you must get a valid South Africa driver’s licence.

You are not covered if you only have a learner’s licence and you’re carrying a passenger at the time of an accident.

It is strongly recommended that your motorcycle is insured. Today even the smallest little scratch or dent can cost a lot of money to have repaired. Imagine then what it would cost if your bike was involved in a serious accident.

Our Partner King Price has compiled a list of track schools that you can learn at. You can view that list here: Track Schools

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