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With more than twelve years of experience in the car insurance industry, we can confidently connect you with the best, cheapest car insurance in South Africa. Stop paying exorbitant monthly premiums and choose the car insurer that works on a unique pricing model, which is 20% less than the traditional pricing model. At the end of the day, your monthly expenses are already putting excessive strain on your finances. That is why we say you deserve an insurer with no gimmick. Just simple, cheap car insurance that helps you save more and more every month.

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Why choose car insurance premiums that decrease monthly?

Your car’s value depreciates monthly, that’s why it is only sensible that your car insurance premiums should decrease monthly as well. Some insurance companies try to rope you in by promising no claim bonuses. This means, in the event of an accident, you don’t only have to deal with excess payments, but you will lose your claim bonus as well. A double-loss.

With insurance that decreases as your car depreciates, you benefit from the saving every month indefinitely.

Save even more on your car insurance quote by choosing your own excess

Apart from saving money with decreasing monthly premiums, you can also save on your car insurance quote by choosing your own excess. Excess is the amount payable by you once your insurer has paid all that is covered in your selected package. Although accidents can happen irrespective of whether you are the safest driver in the world, you know yourself and your situation when it comes to your vehicle. It seems a bit unfair to pay a high excess when you work from home and only drive to the shops and back occasionally, doesn’t it? However, the higher excess you choose to pay, the lower your monthly car insurance premiums will be.