• Posted on Feb 18, 2019

Here’s the low-down on insurance for dents and scratches

Dents and scratches lower the value of your car. I learnt this very important lesson when I sold my car. This is because, when someone buys a car, they want it to be in the best possible condition .

You may wonder why you should take out insurance for dents and scratches, especially if you already have comprehensive car insurance cover. But, there are numerous benefits of having this type of policy. You may be reluctant to repair little dings or marks on your car. But, if you can repair these issues quickly and affordably, you won’t have any trouble keeping your car in excellent condition.

What does scratch and dent insurance cover?

Scratch and dent insurance covers minor repairs to your car’s exterior. This includes small dings that happen in parketing lots, scratches on the side of your car from ‘misjudgements’, those awful little flecks of tar that cling to your paintwork and hail damage.

What are the benefits of scratch and dent insurance cover?

  • Extremely low excess per claim
  • Extremely low premium every month
  • Unlimited claims – if you get insurance from a great insurance company
  • Better resale value

So, if you need to fix up your slightly damaged car, instead of paying an big excess amount, you can pay less to keep your car in pristine condition. Plus, some of the best insurance companies in South Africa will allow you to claim for dents and scratches all year long.

And, remember, if you want to sell your car in the future, appearance plays a huge role on the resale price. A dealership will assess your car and deduct costs for fixing dings, dents and scratches. So, you will end up receiving less for your car.

When it comes to more serious matters, such as an accident, having comprehensive car insurance is important to cover the high cost of repairs on your car.

Get the best insurance for dents and scratches

If you’d like to get the best scratch and dent insurance, visit our Scratch & Dent Insurance page to learn more.