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You deserve affordable car insurance that decreases monthly. You also deserve to choose your own vehicle excess and pay insurance premiums you can afford. And lastly, you too deserve vehicle cover that can extend to other things that are important to you, like your bike, watch, jewellery, camera etc. with R1 insurance!

Does R1 insurance cover seem too good to be true? Well, we know that everyone loves added-value. When you opt for comprehensive 5-star cover, you can insure one of your favourite possessions for just R1.

Insure you mountain bike with R1 insurance

With our discounted R1 insurance, you can cover one of the following items for only R1:

  • Apple Watch. Insure your expensive Apple Watch so that if it slips off your hand and gets lost or stolen, you can get your money back!
  • Golf clubs. R1 cover for golf clubs is an absolutely amazing deal. Make sure your pricey golf clubs are covered.
  • Bike. As much as we absolutely love our bikes, so do criminals. Bikes are stolen all the time, so get your bike insured, especially if it is an expensive brand.
  • Nikon camera. Unfortunately, when someone steals your Nikon camera, if your photos aren’t backed up, you cannot retrieve special captured memories. However, you can retrieve the value of the camera if you insure it with R1 insurance.
  • Hearing aid. Don’t accept losing money when you lose your hearing aid. Cover your hearing aid for just R1 per month.

But, the great savings do not stop there… You will also receive decreasing vehicle insurance premiums.

How are decreasing vehicle insurance premiums possible?

Glad you asked. Car insurance companies in SA normally work out premiums based on two factors, your risk as a driver and the value of your car. But because the value of your vehicle depreciates monthly, your insurance premiums should decrease too. Based on this, if you choose the right super cheap car insurance company, your premiums will automatically decrease each month, allowing you to pay 20% less over 36 months compared to the traditional insurance pricing model. Contact us today, and we will connect you with super cheap insurance!

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