You can’t be serious

If you’re struggling to wrap your mind around R1 insurance, don’t worry. We almost fell out of our chairs when we heard about it too! After all, what kind of insurer would take on that kind of risk? The answer: King Price.

King Price is a short term insurer with a flair for doing insurance differently. They’re all about giving their clients the royal service they deserve (which means they’re always looking for ways to give their clients affordable cover). And what’s more affordable than paying R1 a month to insure some of your most prized possessions?

Does R1 insurance cover seem too good to be true? Well, we know that everyone loves added-value. When you opt for comprehensive 5-star cover, you can insure one of your favourite possessions for just R1.

Insure you mountain bike with R1 insurance

When you comprehensively cover your car with the king, you have the option of insuring 1 of the following for just R1 a month. (Insure more than 1 car with the king and, not only do you get up to 20% off your premium, you get to add more R1 items, too.)

Apple Watch

You’d feel pretty lost without your Apple Watch, right? Insure it for R1 a month and the king will put you back on track in no time!

Golf clubs

Saturday mornings just wouldn’t be the same without teeing off, right? When you insure your golf clubs for R1 a month, you can keep practicing that swing of yours!


As much as we absolutely love our bicycles, so do criminals. Bikes are stolen all the time, so get yours insured. (Spoiler alert: King Price R1 insurance also covers your bike against accidental damage.)

Hearing aid

Just because your hearing isn’t what it used to be, doesn’t mean your wallet needs to suffer. You can insure your hearing aid for just R1 a month… You heard that right!

The best part

While R1 insurance sounds pretty great to begin with, the madness doesn’t end there! That’s right! In addition to only paying R1 a month to insure some of your favourite stuff, your car insurance premium also decreases monthly when you join the king’s court! You see, King Price knows the value of your car starts dropping the moment it leaves the dealership. So, they automatically decrease your car insurance premium every month. It just makes sense!

If any of this sounds good and you’d like to join the kingdom, contact us today. We’ll hook you up with the king’s affordable insurance!

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