Scratch and Dent Insurance

Keep your car looking good as new

Scratch and Dent Insurance

Keep your car looking good as new

Keep your car looking as good as new with scratch and dent insurance

Parking lot bumps, trolley dings and bumper scuffs can be extremely annoying. While these small dings may not seem like a big deal, it can affect the retail value of your car and take away some of your car’s aesthetic appeal. So then, how do you keep your car spotless?

With dent and scratch insurance, you can get minor repairs done to the exterior of your car without claiming on your main car insurance policy. You pay a low monthly premium for this type of cover and you get:

  • An unlimited number of claims
  • A R3000 limit for a claim
  • A low excess of only R250 for each claim

What does scratch and dent insurance cover?

Minor scratches

Get rid of minor scratches caused by other cars, trolleys, keys, kid’s bikes, etc., etc. Any exterior scratches smaller than 15 cm in diameter can be fixed, leaving your car looking as good as new.

Minor dents

Get minor dents fixed quickly and affordably with dent and scratch cover. You’re covered for any dent on your car’s bodywork that is smaller than 15cm in diameter.


Small chips can cause your car to look tacky. That’s why you should have scratch and dent insurance. You can fix chips smaller than 1.5mm ruining the bodywork of your car quickly and affordably.


Hail can cause a considerable amount of damage in a small amount of time. Luckily, with scratch and dent insurance, you’re covered for hail once in any 12-month period.

Tar removal

You’re covered for an unlimited number of tar removals. This means you can keep your car’s exterior looking pristine!

Mags and rims

Get cover for wheel rims and mags. This includes any damage caused by hazards on the road.

What does scratch and dent insurance NOT cover?

As with all types of cover, dent and scratch cover has limitations. Here’s a quick summary of what does not fall under this cover:

  • Single claims that cost more than R3,000
  • Pre-existing damage on your car
  • Repairs that aren’t done by authorised service providers
  • Replacement of parts and body panels or repairs as a result of any replacements
  • Damage done by stickers
  • Damage to tyres
  • Repairs done outside of South Africa
  • Damage to accessories and window or door moldings
  • Accumulated damage - you must pay for each incident
  • Selective repairs - all damage will be taken into account when it comes to the cost of repair

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