Trailer Insurance

Cheap, reliable trailer insurance in South Africa

Trailer Insurance

Cheap, reliable trailer insurance in South Africa

Trailer insurance can save you from a sticky financial situation. Manoeuvring your trailer in traffic and parking lots can be tricky. So why not get peace of mind with reliable cover for your trailer.

No need to pay heavy insurance premiums. We provide cheap, reliable insurance. Enjoy adventures with absolute peace of mind thanks to our trailer insurance. We protect the toys you tow, including campers, household trailers, custom-made trailers and more!

What does trailer insurance cover?

You can get cover for trailers, caravans and other vehicles that need to be towed by a car. Trailer insurance includes cover for the loss of or damage to your trailer as well as any legal liability to other parties for accidental damage to their property caused by or involving your trailer.

What does trailer insurance include?

Damage or theft cover

Enjoy comprehensive cover for damage to and theft of your trailer.

Third party damages

This means that you’re covered for any damage caused by your trailer to another’s property.

Add trailer contents insurance

What about the stuff you’re carting around in your trailer? We can cover that too. With our additional trailer contents insurance, you can get cover for loss of or damage to possessions kept in your trailer. You can choose to insure anything that can fall out of your trailer if it is tipped upside-down, provided the contents belong to you or one of your dependants.

If you choose to get this additional insurance, each item must be separately stated on your policy schedule - and each item will have a separate monthly premium.

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