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If you have a car you will need vehicle insurance to protect your asset from accidents and theft, so why not use our insurance guide to learn more about the various types available in South Africa? Car insurance companies have to cater for a diverse market, it therefore up to you to educate yourself on the available types, monthly premiums, inclusions, exclusions etc. – before you make a choice. Because the last thing you want is to realise too late that you aren’t insured for something you thought you were.

How Different Types of Vehicle Insurance Can Affect Your Premiums

You are unique. Your driving needs are unique too. And when you group these facts with your car’s individual make and model you get a one in a million result. All of the above influence the risk of drivers and directly affect the monthly vehicle insurance premiums charged. Some vehicle insurance companies try to provide diverse cover so you can pick and choose the insurance best suited to your unique circumstances. Yes, you need proper insurance cover and of course you don’t want to suffer with excessive excess payments. That’s why you need to choose the insurer that takes all of the individuality surrounding you and your car and brings your vehicle insurance premiums that decreases monthly.

Save on vehicle isurance

Types of Vehicle Insurance Companies Offer

Budget Insurance

Irrespective of your income, you can get affordable car insurance that takes your risk as a driver as well as your car’s value into account.

Insurance for Women

The reason why insurance for women works so well is because women are naturally more cautious drivers than men.

Third-Party Insurance

Insurance that covers you against liability for claims from a third-party resulting from injury or damage to their property.

Off-road Insurance

Off-road insurance is unique insurance ideal for people who take their cars on wild adventures in the great outdoors.

R1 Insurance

When opting for comprehensive 5-star cover, you can insure your favourite possessions like your smartphone or bike for only R1 each?

Other Insurance

Take out insurance cover to protect your building, home contents, business, caravan and other types of properties or valuable items.

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